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The Center for Classifieds and Tickets

one-stop-hub for classifieds and tickets
Centrob.ru website
  • Branding 95%
  • UI Design 95%
  • Marketing Collateral 95%
  • UX Design 95%

The Challenge

Make full re-branding and relaunch once popular service of one-stop-shop for classifieds submission and tickets sales. Web presence had to be established without interruption of cash flow. Wide variety of branded materials and structures needed to be produced, such as:

  • POS for dozen of locations.
  • Branded marketing collateral.
  • Online multimedia ad campaign.

The Solution

Re-branding has been accomplished in very tights deadline. Website has been re-built according to pretty restricted technical requirements.

On me: re-branding, UI design, UX design, marketing collateral.

Home Page


Classified Submission Page


Media Selection Page


Published Classifieds


+ dozens more

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